Among the many banners for new students at Nankai Uni is this one:

爱国 敬业 创新 乐群

It says:

爱国 敬业 创新 乐群
Àiguó jìngyè chuàngxīn lèqún

The first three I can translate:

  • 爱国 (àiguó) = patriotism (literally "love country")
  • 敬业 (jìngyè) = dedication to one's job
  • 创新 (chuàngxīn) = innovation

But the fourth one doesn't appear on dict.cn. (And I think I've managed to identify the hanzi characters here.)

Question: What does 乐群 (lèqún) mean?

If we break it down:

  • (lè) = happy
  • (qún) = group

So I guess it means something like "happy group", which sounds a bit strange.


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Baidu Baike gives the origin of this expression as from 《礼记·学记》, and explains 乐群 as:


Willing to socialize with friends.

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乐 here means 喜欢, like, enjoy

群 means group

乐群 means enjoy group-living, willing to go well with others, and that kind of idea.

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