Another banner welcoming new students to Nankai University in the Law Building (I walk past these daily, so I'm hoping to practice reading them as I walk past each day):

励志勤学 德法兼修 祝新同学健康成长进步

I transcribe this as:

励志勤学 德法兼修 祝新同学健康成长进步
Lìzhìqínxué défǎjiānxiū zhù xīntóngxué jiànkāng chéngzhǎng jìnbù

I believe the last part 祝新同学健康成长进步 translates directly: "wish () new students (同学) health (健康), growth (成长) and progress (进步)". The first part seems adequately translated using dict.cn; we have: 励志 = "pursue a goal with determination" and 勤学 = "study diligently".

I don't understand the middle part 德法兼修 (défǎjiānxiū).

  • 德法 is listed as "defa", and Google Translate translates it to "Germany and France".
  • 兼修 is listed as "minor in", and Google Translate translates it to "minor".

I got nothing; neither of these is meaningful.

(If it helps, I noticed it was also mentioned in a news article entitled 人文与社会科学学院举办“德法兼修,点赞青春”普法教育实践课暨玄武区法院庭审进校园活动.)

  • 德:品德 (morality);法:法律知識 (knowledge about laws)
    – user3a
    Sep 15, 2017 at 2:41

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You need to understand every single character firstly,


So it could be literally translated as study and improve both morality and legal knowledge.

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    Somewhat similar to leges sine moribus vanae Sep 15, 2017 at 6:35

Split 德法兼修:

德 means 道德 virtue, morality;

法 = 法律 law;

兼 = 并,一起, and or together;

修 = 修行, study or major in the context;

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