In Mandarin, how would you say:

But only X years ago, in month Z of Year Y ...

For example.

Now, they say the sun is red.
But only two years ago, in September 2015, they said the sun was blue.

Please note that I would like to convey the meaning of "on the contrary (of the situation earlier), now the opposite situation ...". If possible, I am looking to say so as one would say it in Taiwan, not as one would say it in China.

Please answer using traditional characters.

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In Chinese, we use 'Y-M-D' format for stating date.

"But only two years ago" - "祗不過兩年前"


"in September 2015" - "在二零一五年九月" (In Chinese, we state year before month)


" 2015 年 九月" - "in September of 2015

Emphasize the month if it is an important information. For example, September is the end of summer holiday

  • Please note that, right now, your answer includes 两 (simplified), whereas the traditional form is the slightly different 兩.
    – O0123
    Sep 21, 2017 at 11:12

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