I'm looking for any news websites (or better, WeChat's 订阅号) that show English translation side-by-side. There is a Japanese version of 人民网, but I'm looking for such news agency that show the English translation side-by-side.

Is there any such website, or if not, is there any such website that focuses on the opposite (i.e. any English-based websites that show the Mandarin side-by-side for Chinese people learning English)?


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I found that the resource curation post has a section on newspapers and it includes exactly the English-Chinese side-by-side websites.

Two websites are featured there, and both have WeChat 订阅号.

  • 纽约时报 (NY Times) - example
  • FT中文网 (Financial Times for Chinese) - example

It looks like the 纽约时报 side-by-side is an amazing resource. FT looks like a bit limiting in terms of articles available for side-by-side lookup.

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