In the show I am watching the protagonist asked a person with the surname 猴:


Obviously, he means

Are you expressing your private opinion, or the order of the supreme anti corruption office?

But why can the opinion of someone named 猴 be called 猴山? none of mydictionaries list this!

enter image description here enter image description here

enter image description here


猴山 is the metaphor for his interest group, his friends are treated as monkeys, his group are treated as a mountain.

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  • Is this related to 西遊記? – Philipp Oct 7 '17 at 7:12
  • 1
    @Philipp Not necessarily. It's similar to 鸡窝, 牛棚, 狗洞, 猪圈 which refer to 'messy', 'rough', 'miserable', 'poor' place separately, that place is usually for living or work. 猴山, a funny satire. – Jacob Oct 7 '17 at 8:06
  • If my surname was 陸,would people use 猴山 or 陸山, or none of the two? – Ludi Oct 7 '17 at 15:09
  • People might use 猴山, if people want to add your surname to emphasize your family, they might use 陆家 – Jacob Oct 7 '17 at 19:00

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