In the following sentence:

虽然练习做 ( ) 很多,但是我还是不懂。

We have a small discussion with our teacher. Which one should be used in the bracket and why?

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It should be '得'

In "做 (得) 很多", '得' functions as an "(degree/extend) particle" that indicate the degree or extend of the verb.

'很多'(a lot) is the degree or extend of the verb


"做得多/ 做得少"

  • 做 (verb)

  • 得 (particle that indicate the degree of the verb)

  • 多(a lot); 少(little) [degree]

More example:

"跑得快/ 跑得慢"

  • 跑(verb)

  • 得(particle that indicate the degree of the verb)

  • 快(fast) ; 慢(slow) [degree]

Some people using 的 instead of 得 in this role because the two words sound similar.

Look at the follow sentences, and you can see 的 and 得 are not interchangeable


  • '要做' means 'need to do'

  • '要做的' means 'things need to be done'(pronoun)

  • '要做的(事)很多' means "a lot (of things) to do"


  • 要做= verb

  • 得 = (particle that indicate the degree of the verb)

  • 很多 (degree)

It means "need to do a lot"


In this context 得 should be used. It works as a degree complement, and takes as a form of "verb + 得 + adjective". The phrase after 得 expresses the degree of the adjective.

So in this case,


, where 得 expresses the degree of "做" is "很多".

You shall also refer to this question, which explain the difference betwen 的, 得, and 地.



A little trick when I learned "的,地,得" in school.

"的" follow by a noun, like "她的妈妈","美妙的天空"

"地" follow by verb, like "用力地哭", "开心地笑"

"得" follow by terms to describe the "action" or verb in front of the "得", like your example: "练习做得很多", "扫得真干净"...


得 is probably ok, but I would use 了 or 过 for this context. It would become 虽然练习做 (or 过)很多,但是我还是不懂。

得 is used for leading a degree complement, while 了 is used for the completion of a verb.

Logically, putting 了 or 过 as a completion is more appropriate I think. The logic is that although you have done(了) lots of practices, you still can not get it.

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