If not how would it be corrected using the exact same characters?

And what is the issue with the original sentence?

Struggling a bit with word order!

  • Is this an exercise that you are given several words to make a meaning sentence? – fefe Oct 20 '17 at 1:33
  • Restore a scramble sentence is a good exercise for identify different word types and their relation, but it is hard for beginners – Tang Ho Oct 20 '17 at 6:33

If the rule of the game is all characters must be used, I guess I can play it like this:

"打扫这么大的客厅多累啊!" (cleaning such a big living room, how tiring!)

what is the issue with the original sentence?


"打扫大客厅"(cleaning the main living room) is the topic, followed by the comment/opinion "多累啊"

'这么' and '的' are not needed

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  • +1 If I were to use all provided characters to form a correct sentence, this would probably be it – Philipp Oct 20 '17 at 4:40

As you can't count 累 probably not good to use 这么多累。


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  • Thanks for your reply, however I have to use those exact characters to construct the sentence. Would <打扫大客厅的多这么累阿> work? – Molly Clare Oct 19 '17 at 23:15

Few variations:

  1. 这么(样)打扫大客厅多累啊! // Cleaning a big living room in this way tires (me) out.
  2. 打扫大客厅多累啊! // Cleaning a big living room tires (me) out.
  3. 打扫大客厅这么累啊! // Cleaning a big living room tires (me) out.

The issue with your original one 打扫大客厅这么多累的啊 is that you put two modifiers 这么 and 多 for 累,so you might have to remove one. And also 的 is misused and should be removed.

Also, 这么多(的) + noun is the correct structure, like 这么多(的)爱,这么多(的)人. However, 这么多(的) can not modify an adjective, so 这么多(的)累 is a wrong expression.

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