I'm trying to write:

While construction began in China, people hadn't thought of the pollution.

Is this an accurate use of the grammar: shi4 ... de

  • 在中国建设刚开始起步时, 人们还没有考虑环境污染。 – dan Oct 23 '17 at 10:04
  • Shouldn't that be 'When construction began ..' and 'people didn't think about ....'?? – Pedroski Oct 23 '17 at 11:01
  • 一开始 / 起初 中国搞建设的时候 or 中国 发展 / 建设 的初期 or 中国 发展 / 建设 的初步阶段, and, 人没有考虑过环境污染 or 人人都没考虑过环境污染. – 賈可 Jacky Oct 24 '17 at 3:11

When construction began in China, people didn't think about pollution.


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  1. Shorten as much as possible as long as the meaning remains the same, "中国的建设开始的时候" can be reduced to : "中国的建设开始时" (avoid two 的 in the same sentence)

  2. 人人(everyone) - use '人们'(people) as the subject instead is better.

  3. 人们是不以为过 - the verb '是' should be omitted because 不以为 (didn't consider) is also a verb, so the sentence should be "人们不以为过"

  4. 人们不以为过 - you tried to use '不' to indicate 'had not' but the correct term here should be 未曾 or 没有

  5. 人们没有以为过 - You try to use '以为' for 'considered' but the primary meaning of '以为' is 'thought' , the correct word for 'considered' is 考虑

  6. (a) 人们没有考虑过环境污染的。 -- 境污染的 is an adjectival phrase, you need a noun after it, for example. 人们没有考虑过环境污染的问题

  7. (b). You can simply use '环境污染' (environmental pollution) as the noun and write "人们没有考虑过环境污染。"

Original sentence:





Add word particle '' before the verb '没有考虑' to emphasize ' something should had been done but hadn't)

"没有考虑过"(had never considered) implies people deliberately ignored the problem; replace 过 with 到 and write "没有考虑到" (had not considered) implies it was an oversight

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Incorrect, verb is wrong.

以为 -> 考虑, remove 是.


Retouch. 人人 -> 人们都

在中国的发展初期, 人们都没有考虑过环境污染的问题.

If you want to use 是....的 structure

在中国的发展初期, 人们是没有考虑环境污染的.

以为 followed by a statement

在中国的发展初期, 人们是以为环境污染没有什么大不了的.

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Corrected Version: 中国工业兴起时,人人认为污染环境是不以为过.

I don't think there is such thing as 中国建设。

不易为过is an adverb which should be modifying an action. 污染环境 is an action, 环境污染 is an issue (noun).

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