I regularly play soccer with a group of Chinese guys and wanted to share terms that I've learnt over the years.

I would appreciate if anyone can fill in any gaps (or correct me if I'm wrong).

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  • Actually, I don't know some terms in English, so I can't give you more terms.I think you can get more terms by googling on the Internet and I added a link of a website to my answer.
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Red Card: 红牌 hóngpái

Yellow card: 黄牌 huángpái

Shoot: 射 (射门) shè (shèmén)

Pass: 传 (传球) chuán (chuán qiú)

Goal: 门 (球门) mén (qiú mén)

Referee: 裁判 cáipàn

Half time: 半场 bàn chǎng

Full time: 全场 quán chǎng or 结束了 or 踢好了

Team: 队 (蓝队, 白队 etc.) duì

The ball has gone out: 出界

Did the ball go in?: 球进了没有?

Are you injured?: (受)伤了没有?

Kick off: 开球

Pitch: 球场

Substitution: 换人

Score: 比分

1:0 (one to zero) : 一比零

Offside: 越位

Penalty area: 禁区

Overtime: 加时

Golden goal: 金球

Silver goal: 银球

Front-field: 前场

Midfield: 中场

Backfield: 后场

Handball: 手球

Header: 头球

Foul: 犯规

Preliminary match: 预赛

Eighth-final: 八分之一决赛

Quarter-final: 四分之一决赛

Semi-final: 半决赛

Final: 决赛

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Coach: 教练 jiàoliàn

Corner kick: 角球 jiǎoqiú

Penalty kick: 点球 diǎn qiú

Player: 球员 qiúyuán

Free kick: 任意球 rènyì qiú

EDIT: A link for you to get more terms I find a website where you can learn more terms in football game. It's displays a swf animation and is funny.

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