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Source: http://m.jy1377.com/a/100/32674.html

My dictionary (Pleco) only has "knee" as the meaning. The same is true of MDBG.

But it doesn't make sense to have "knee" there. So what is the meaning in this context?

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It comes from a net slang "给你跪下了"(I'm kneeling down to you) or "给跪" for short, to show one's admiration when something is far beyond his ability.



And this has variants like "献上我的膝盖", "给你我的膝盖" or "膝盖给你", where "give you my knees" just means "kneel to you". So basically you can take 膝盖 as a metaphor for admiration, e.g.请收下我的膝盖


This is a net slang, refers to knelt/kowtow, extends to means worship/adore/idolize. e.g.


See 请收下我的膝盖什么意思


A meme derived from 'The Elder Scrolls'. an NPC dialog: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee." (译为:“我以前和你一样也是个冒险家,直到我的膝盖中了一箭。”)

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