What is the gesture called where you put a fist in a flat hand and slightly shake it to show gratitude? Here is an example: https://youtu.be/cB59VmnK52I?t=15m47s

Do you have any other examples where it is still used today?


作揖 has 3 variations. One is hold your fists, the other is touch your fists with your palm. The last one is the typical 作揖.

Nowadays, only A and B are still used.

Their usages are roughly same, for greeting, appreciation, say goodbye...

The differences are B is prefered by martial arts people, A is a gesture which anybody could use, C is a traditional gesture used by scholars.

enter image description here

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Don't just shake your fist at them! Bow a bit or you might get your head chopped off! Emperors can be very touchy people!

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