MDBG lists 过得, but during my time in China, I have never heard this expression. Where in China is it used and what are the local meanings of it?

过得 guò dé How are you getting by? / How's life? / contraction of 過得去|过得去, can get by / tolerably well / not too bad

  • bkrs:How are you getting by? How’s life? contraction of 过得去 , can get by tolerably well not too bad, find many examples at bkrs, "现代汉语词典":过得去(1)无阻碍,通得过:这条胡同儿很宽,汽车~。(2)(生活)不很困难(3)说得过去:准备一些茶点招待客人,也就~了(4)过意得去(多用于反问):看把您累成那个样子,叫我心里怎么~呢?also in other online dictionaries,
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    Commented Nov 5, 2017 at 18:04
  • combination of 过去 (经过 pass through,过 with simple direction complement(简单趋向补语) 去)with 得 used as potential complement
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    Commented Nov 5, 2017 at 18:58

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Both 过得 and 过得去 are common in China, but 过得 and 过得去 can have different meanings.

过得: 生活得(怎么样), how one's life lives; For example, 你过得怎么样?:How are you getting along? or how is your life (you live)?

过得去: to get through or get by; It has literal and metaphorical meaning. The literal meaning is to physically get through and metaphorically, it means to get through a difficult situation. For example, 我过得去 could simple mean 'I can get it through'. 我生活还过得去: 'Things in my life are able to get through.' It implies that your life is okay or not too bad.

  • 'common in China' -> all over China?
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  • @thymaro, yes, at least within mainland.
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