I’m making the program booklet, and one thing they are playing is 苏三起解.
Is there a commonly used English name for it? I have “Su San Under Escort” but see others when I search for it, like “Susan left Hongtong county”. That’s not a pretty or poetic name. So is there a better name I should use? Also, Su San, not Susan, right?

Also, The Story of SU San
Susan’s Redemption
Su San Sets Out for a Retrial (But I don’t know if that’s the name of one scene or song within the opera, or the opera itself)
The Woman Prisoner 女起解 (does appear to be the name of a specific aria, not the whole opera)

  • "under escort" seems to refer to the following story, see baike, 苏三受刑不过,只得屈忍画押,被判死刑,禁于死牢之中。适值王景隆出任山西巡按,得知苏三已犯死罪,便密访洪洞县,探知苏三冤情,即令火速 押解苏三案全部人员到太原
    – user6065
    Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 0:29
  • I'm seeing the title as Susan Left Hongtong County mostly here
    – Mou某
    Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 8:16

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起解” 如果要简单的翻译成现代汉语,那就是:“提审”

If we want to simply translate "起解" into modern Chinese, it is: "提审"

“提审”。提审程序如果按照目前的诉讼法理论,是上级法院根据自己的意志做出的、对下级法院生效判决重新审理的司法程序 (It means a higher court initiates a retrial of a case that was adjudicated by a lower court)

起解 also means [start sending prisoner away under escort]∶押送罪犯或货物上

Since Su San was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, there was no reason to send her somewhere else, Therefore, 起解 in 苏三起解 should mean "retrial" not "escort away"

苏三 is a woman's name (she was the heroine of the Chinese opera 苏三起解)

苏三起解 can be translated as "The retrial of Su San" or "Exoneration of Su San"


"起解" should be interpreted as "起程" + "押解".

起程 "start" + "journey" --> to set out, to leave

押解 --> convey under detention

i would suggest, maybe "su's journey under detention".

rationale: "under escort", well, someone would misinterpret it as "escort service", provided by females.

"under detention", implied that subject lost his freedom, constrained by law enforcing agents.

have fun :)

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