Today is the Singles' day, so I want to say something like "Today is my day. I accept your congratulations". Sure, it's some kind of a joke.

Could you correct me, please, if I'm wrong: 今天我的日子! 接受你们的祝贺。

Is this sounds ok? Or it's gonna sound strange for chinese people?

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    今天是我的节日 or 我今天过节(more natural) Nov 11, 2017 at 10:39
  • users suggest adapting ichacha results for"my day" : my lucky day 我的幸福纪念日, my luck day 我的幸运日,not my day 运气不佳
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    Nov 11, 2017 at 13:29

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今天是我的日子 is not something a Chinese person would say, because it is a direct translation of an English colloquial phrase.

If you want to express your happiness on this day, you can say:

光棍节真是为我设计的 (Single's Day was created for me).

光棍节了真开心, 都来祝贺我啊~ (I am so happy that it is Single's Day. Everyone congratulate me).

These are informal ways of talking, which may have better results if you want to make a joke :)



今天是我 接受你们的祝贺的 日子! 。(the relative clause should be placed before the noun "日子"

However. “Today is my day” is a common English expression that means “Today is my lucky day” or “today is the day I success”. It would be "今天是我走運的一天" (today is my lucky day) or "今天是我吐氣揚眉的日子"(today is the day I success) in Chinese language.

"Singles' day is a day for me," is "單身日是為我而設的日子" or simply "單身日是我的日子" in Chinese.



今天是我大喜的日子 (for wedding).


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