The Min song mentioned in the title has the following lyrics (conformed to the "guidelines" of 台湾闽南语常用词辞典):





(Repeat first verse and first "chorus")

With the help of the above dictionary, I get the following Tai-lo:

Tsāi gún ê sim-bo̍k-tiong
I sī tsi̍t ê lâm-tsú-hàn
Tsāi gún ê it-sing tiong
Tsí ài i tsi̍t lâng

I ê tsûn-tsiah í-king beh tshut-hâng
M̄ tsai hô-sî tsiah ē koh-tsài li̍p-káng
Sui-liân tsng-tio̍h tshiò-iông
Lâi kā i sio-sàng
Ah~~ sim-ài ê lâng
Àm-tiong ba̍k-khoo âng

Tiàm kòo-hiong tsin hi-bî
Koo-tuann tsi̍t ê kuè li̍t-tsí
Tiàm hái pinn khin-khin lâi
Kiò-tio̍h i miâ-lī

Gún ê sim-kuann í-king tuè i khì
M̄ tsai hô-sî tsiah ē koh-tsài sio-kìnn
Sui-liân tsng-tio̍h tshiò-iông
Lâi kā gún an-uì
Ah~~ sim-ài ê lâng
Sim-kuann tshiūnn tsiam ui

(Repeat first verse and first "chorus")

I render this in English as follows (note that this is not literal because it's supposed to fit the original tune):

As far as my thoughts go
He is a hero for me
As far as my days go
I'll love him alone

His boat's already about to leave
I don't know when he can come back on land
Though I make a happy face
As I see him off
Ah~~ he's my one love
I'm crying secretly

Back home I'm so lonely
Living my days all alone
And on the beach I call
Call his name softly

My heart has gone off to sea with him
I don't know when I can see him again
Though I make a happy face
I now comfort myself
Ah~~ he's my one love
(My heart is strong like a needle ??)

(Repeat first verse and first "chorus")

First of all, if there are any glaring mistakes in the above (keeping in mind it must fit the tune), please let me know. This question focuses on the sentence 心肝像针威. Now, 心肝 has a number of meanings, from "heart" to "character" to (in Min) "mind" to "darling", so that's already a choice to make; 像 means "like"; 针 means "needle"; 威 is given as "power" by Wiktionary. Hence my translation in brackets. But what does this mean? Is ui supposed to be 偎 as in this song, with which this would be "Heart like needle cuddle", or in English "My heart feels like a needle is cuddling to it", implying utmost pain due to the needle stinging the heart? But then why do captions get it wrong? Also, I am skeptical of this guess since 偎 is not ui but ue (says Wiktionary at least), so it doesn't rhyme… Maybe it's even another character?

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Cross-posted on Quora this morning, and the answer came in soon. I was told "ui" means "prick" (the verb, not the noun), so I turned that into Mandarin 刺, and my reference gave me 揻, with precisely that sentence as an example: 心肝像針揻。Sim-kuann tshiūnn tsiam ui. (心像被針刺一樣。); (other example: 揻一空 ui tst khang(戳一個洞)). So that's it.

Literal translation: My heart feels like pierced by a needle. Singable translation: A needle's piercing my heart.

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