My Chinese friend said 哈批 but I don't understand what it means. When I googled, it showed 哈麻批 and it seems a dirty word.

The whole sentence is something like the follows:

This person is bullshit! He doesn't understand my language??? (with a screenshot from 微信)

I: Because it is not human; it must be AI.

She: 哈批

My question is, what is 哈批? Is it different from 哈麻批?

And on what kind of situation is it used?

FYI she is Chongqingnese and she seems to like such a dirty word...


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It is pretty much just the South Western Mandarin pronunciation of: 傻逼/傻屄/傻毴.

Check out these two entries from Guang'an Topolect dictionary:


词语: 傻

发音: ha3

定义: 傻“sha3”的音变。常说成“哈”。指愚蠢、老实、呆。如“哈儿”、“哈巴儿”、“哈戳戳”、“哈宝器”、“哈婆娘”、“哈得很”、“哈话”、“吃哈亏”等。




词语: 屄

发音: pi1

定义: 屄“bi1”的音变。指女性外阴,又说“麻屄”、“麻批”,常用“麻花儿”一词含蓄替代,容易与成语“麻痹大意”发音闹笑话。民间常用女性生殖器骂人,这种语言现象,应当大力清除。










Now that we've got the pronunciation part figured out what does SB mean?

Literally it means stupid (傻) + cunt (屄) and MDBG corroborates the literal meaning:



stupid cunt (vulgar) / also written 傻逼

Just as a side note in the Chongqing dialect is more likely to be pronounced pēi than - for instance: 批发 is read as pēi fá not pī fá because of the vulgarity connected to the pronunciation.


哈批 https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E5%93%88%E6%89%B9



"哈批" is, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing dialect, with a derogatory tone, can be used to curse people, "idiot, stupid".

For example, if you want to say a person is silly, You can say that "you are a 哈批" which means "you are a fool or idiot". Another version of this term is "哈麻批"

In Short, "哈批" is a slang for "stupid" in Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing regions


It is a dirty word from dialects of central China.

It's the equivalent of 笨蛋 "stupid" or 傻瓜 "idiot".

A quick search on Uncle Google reveals the mystery.


哈皮 can also mean “happy”. It is more likely the case in online chat. Special dirty words from dialects are seldom used online.


It is a phonogram word in many dialects, not only in Sichuan. In my home, Xi'an, people speak 哈 instead of 坏, but 哈 is not the real word, it is a phonetic symbol of the word bad (坏) in our dialect. The character 批 is similar as 哈. The word 哈批 or 哈皮 just like the common word 傻逼, the character 逼 is also a phonetic symbol. The sound 批 or 皮 has the same meaning as the character 逼. So, we speak 这个人哈得很, which means 这个人很坏, and using 你妈的批 instead of 你妈的逼.

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