I recently read the following comment about a Chinese actress:


From the whole sentence, I can guess that it's sort of compliment (the actress has charisma like Brigitte Lin). But I don't know what the exact meaning of 俫气更有仙气 is.


I suppose it's a typo and should be 侠气更有仙气.

侠气 (chivalrous / heroic spirit)

侠气 xiáqì
[chivalrous] 豪侠的气概

仙气 (unworldly temperament)

仙氣 xiān qì ㄒㄧㄢ ㄑㄧˋ

Then the sentence could be translated as "besides chivalrous like 林青霞, (she) also has unworldly temperament".


According to the dictionary definitions, 俫 does not make sense here.

I agree that it is a typo of 侠气. If we add a comma, this sentence could be more comprehensive:


Besides chivalry / heroic spirit (like 林青霞, an actress), she also has charisma.


Probably talking about an actress in a particular role. I agree with the other 2 answers. I interpret it like this:

Apart from her Lin Qingxia-esque dashing spirit, she also has an air of unworldly mystery about her.


  • The actress named 张天爱 – D_Ace Dec 8 '17 at 14:34

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