I have a kid's book for learning "378汉字.“ Each page has six or eight entries, each comprising a photo, the character, and what I suppose is an example of use. But none of the examples make any sense. I have looked up the words (according to how a segmenter program divides them) but cannot come up with any reasonable English translation. I've only tried one page, which has:

刀   刀口刀柄
勺   马勺铁勺
筷   筷筒火筷
尺   格尺尺度
叉   交叉叉烧
帘   纱帘帘幕

Also tried Google Translate, but (no surprise) the results there were worse than my attempts—and I can't even pass HSK 1 yet.

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The punctuation marks are missing

刀 : 刀口; 刀柄 = knife : knife edge; knife handle

勺 : 马勺; 铁勺 = spoon : ladle; iron spoon

筷 : 筷筒; 火筷 = chopsticks : chopsticks canister; stove chopsticks

尺 : 格尺; 尺度 = foot (measurement)/ ruler : ruler; criterion

叉 : 交叉; 叉烧 = fork : cross; BBQ pork

帘 : 纱帘; 帘幕 = curtain : screen; window curtain

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