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Part of the explanation says:


Can someone please expand 超然物外?

Maybe: 超过自然,物质外边 ??

  • bkrs:超然物外[be free from things of the world; hold aloof from the world] 超出现实生活之外 1) 超出於尘世之外。 2) 引申为置身事外的意思。 超然 (1) [detached]∶超脱世俗 历史家所必需的超然态度 (1) detached; independent 这位超然的作曲家对舆论既不担心,也不在意。 The aloof composer neither worried nor cared about public opinion. 物外 〈书〉世事之外:超然物外[aloof from worldly things] 世外; 世俗之外 飘然物外1) 事物本体以外。2) 逸尘脱俗的世界。1) p.w. the realm beyond worldly things 2) attr. transcendental
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  • [动](越过; 高出) exceed; surpass; overtake:(在某个范围以外; 不受限制) transcend; go beyond: 超尘脱俗 transcend the worldly [形] (超出寻常的) super-; ultra-; extra-; hyper- (most common) adverbial suffix, cf.(Yip Po-Ching, CLCS) calmness:寂然、安然、泰然、坦然,clarity:了然、显然、斐然、照然,solemnity:赫然、昂然、凛然、俨然
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hold aloof from the world

A Chinese-English Dictionary

hold oneself aloof from the world; be above worldly considerations; stay away from scenes of contention


1 置身事外 be above worldly considerations

2 超脱于社会 shun social disputes


1 be above all material desires

2 be detached

3 be above the fray

Duogongneng Chengyu Cidian

解释 超然:不站在对立各方的任何一方;物:指客观世界。超脱于尘事之外。也指置身事外。

语见 宋·叶梦得《石林诗话》卷下:“渊明正以脱略世故、超然物外意,顾区区在位者何足累其心哉!"

例句 这一种仪式既经举行,即倘有后患,各部都该负责,不能超然物外,说风凉话了。(鲁迅《而已集·谈所谓“大内档案"》)

近义 置身事外

反义 同流合污


  • 超然 is just "independent"

  • 物 is the "objective world"

  • 外 is "outside of"

  • 超然物外的心境 ‘with a detached mind' 好不好?
    – Pedroski
    Dec 12, 2017 at 23:36
  • with a detached mind from worldly pursuits?
    – Mou某
    Dec 13, 2017 at 2:08

超然 = Go beyond

物外 = outside of Material world

超然物外 = Go beyond the mundane world = Spiritual (not necessary religious)

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