My first impression to this word is something like "enemy" or "enemies", because the letter "死" is used and it means death.

But when I do some search, it means "sworn followers"?
I really doubt at it. Can anyone explain?

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    bkrs: 死党 best friends inseparable sidekick diehard followers sworn/diehard followers; partisans sworn to die 2) 为某人或集团出死力的党羽。含贬义
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    Dec 16, 2017 at 12:55

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means 赴死 or 尽死力 ((worth) dying for / giving all one's strength).

means 朋党 (clique; cabal; faction).

死党 means "pursue private ends" at first,

[pursue private ends]∶ 为自己的朋党拼死竭力

案后将军朱博、 钜鹿太守 孙闳,故光禄大夫 陈咸( 王)立交通厚善,相与为腹心,有背心死党之信,欲相攀援,死而后已。——《汉书·瞿方进传》

And means "sworn followers; diehard followers" (with derogatory sence),

[sworn followers; diehard followers]∶效死的党羽


Nowadays it usually means "best friend".


Reference: 文化漫谈:为什么好朋友又称为“死党”?有何典故由来?


It means best friends or very close friends. No bad meaning involved.


it means sb is your follower. also same with "老铁". u guys know each other very well.

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