The original sentence is:


周末那两天 means both Sunday and Saturday?

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    ✓ :"on the (those) 2 days of the weekend"
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    Jan 4 '18 at 23:08

周末那两天 literally means Those two days of the weekend, hence, Saturday and Sunday.

However, numbers in Chinese is not always real numbers.

I think 周末那两天 could mean not only exactly those two days of the weekend, but also any day of those two days, maybe both of them.

Therefore, 周末那两天他看电视 could mean

He watches TV on Saturday and Sunday

He watched TV on those two days of the weekend

He (often) watches TV on weekends

More contexts are essential to understand a sentence precisely.


Looks like this:

周末 Weekend
那 that/those
两天 2 days
他看电视 he watches telly.


I would say yes to your question, if you think the whole weekend is made up of two days Sat and Sun.


yes, both Sunday and Saturday.

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