Some people say you can


to get: but that seems to be a sogou IME thing only - and boy does that celsius degrees C look ugly.

Others suggest:


but that just seems to be a Word thing.

Any idea how to do this, easily, on ios and mac os?

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Shift-Option-8 produces ° on my UK Mac simplified Chinese pinyin input keyboard. I don't have experience with the standard iOS chinese keyboard, but on the chinese Google gBoard you can hold down 0 to get °. Caveat- I'm not sure if these symbols are precisely degree symbols.

  • (just commenting that this works on the stock iOS keyboard as well) Jul 16, 2020 at 1:59

i "fixed" my input method as "unicode hex input" on my macbook, so, to type celsius symbol, just press "option" + "2" + "1" + "0" + "3"; the would appear immediately :)

imo, it's convenience; provided you know the code point.

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