I ended up writing such a sentence, with some help of Google Translate:


I tried to say:

Contacting me in Chinese is not a good idea.

Since my Chinese is pretty basic, I was wondering if that 与 here is needed for this sentence to be grammatically correct? Or can I skip it altogether?

  • What's the English equivalent that you're going for?
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    to confirm that 与我联系 is perfectly standard feed it to ichacha: 请与我联系 reach me 与我联系 contact me 电话跟我联络 contact me by telephone 请尽与我联系 if you have any questions pl... etc
    – user6065
    Commented Feb 1, 2018 at 23:55
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    与(跟)某人 联系 may be more common than 联系某人,however Chinese is well known to have more transitive verbs than English, i.p. (if 我 is placed after verb 联系) 与 in fact is not needed 与我联系=联系我, ichacha: 联系我们 contact me; contact us contact us... 详细翻译>> 系我 如需更多信息,请联系我们的客户支持 for more information,contact our customer service desk... 详细翻译>> 想获取更多信息,请联系我们的客户服务台 for more information,contact our customer service desk...
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    As several answers have pointed out, there are many alternative ways to say this, but simply skipping 与 in your sentence is grammatically incorrect. Commented Feb 2, 2018 at 1:02

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'与' in '与我' means 'with'.

It can't be omitted


[using Chinese] [(to) contact with me] [is not a good idea]

English grammar:

It is not a good idea to contact with me using Chinese

The sentence is grammatically correct. Nothing wrong with that.

You can replace the relative clause [用中文] with other context and the grammar is still correct.

For example:

[在午夜] [我联系][不是一个好主意]

[At midnight] [ contact with me] [is not a good idea]

English grammar:

It is not a good idea to contact with me at midnight


联络 is the better choice than 联系 for 'to contact' in this case because 联络 only means 'to contact' while '联系' could also mean 'to connect' as in 'connect and form a relationship'


means together or with.

用中文与我联系不是一个好主意 = use + Chinese + with + me + contact + not + good + idea

The here is not necessary.

In fact, 用中文与我联系 can be better written as 用中文联系我 which means contacting me in Chinese.

In English you probably wouldn't write contacting with me in Chinese and it's the same here in Chinese.

Sidenote: the only reference I found to "用中文与我联系" online is from a Japanese guy Dr Taku Fujiyama

如果您对我的研究有兴趣, 欢迎您用中文与我联系。



The sentence you wrote makes perfect sense to me. Actually, it is a right one. 与 can't be omitted in this case. That reminds me of a typical caption translation from an English movie or TV show.

There are some other variations which a native Chinese might put for this context:

  1. 你最好不要使用中文和我联系,我中文不太好。
  2. 联系我时,请用英文,我中文不好,谢谢!

Grammatically, 与 here is a word connecting the hidden subject "你"(you) and “我”(me). It cannot be omitted.
Also, it's quite common for any foreign language learner (e.g. a Chinese learning English, or a Canadian learning Chinese) to write a sentence that is grammatically correct, but not quite natural or native.
You can translate your sentence as the follows:
最好别用中文跟我联系。(You'd better not communicate with me in Chinese. )
However, you can use a milder expression if you'd like to ask them to contact you in other languages:
请用英文与我联系。(I'd like you to contact me in English. )
See? It's a better practice to ask them "to do" something, rather than "not to do" something.

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