I'm working through the entry for 耳巴 in《四川方言词语续考》and I don't have my paper copy around.

The problem is I only have my crappy OCR'd digital version which is giving me �� where a proper character should be.

Here's the part I'm struggling over:

或作“耳��”。民國十八年《榮縣志·禮俗》: “《說文》: ‘獸足謂之番。’ 附袁切。古無輕唇音,番讀如班,今音如板, 手掌謂手番, 足掌曰足番,雙聲轉��。《說文》: ‘��, ��擊 也。 ’ 今��掌、耳��,北人强以刮字當之, 非也。”

A variant bā character for 巴掌 I figured would be quite easy to find, but nothing is showing up in searches for 北人强以刮字當之, etc.

The only variant I know for 巴 is 𢀳 but I can't seem to find any《說文》material for 𢀳.

Can anyone fill in the blanks (read: question marks)? What is the variant bā character for 巴掌?

  • Could it be '芭' / ba1/ (plantain)? As in 芭蕉叶 (plantain leaf ) which stretched out like an open palm
    – Tang Ho
    Feb 12, 2018 at 0:59

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𢃳」 fulfils the statement 《說文》:‘��,��擊也。’ (check the Shuowen entry on zdic), and also everything else.

耳巴,或作 “耳「𢃳」”。民國十八年《榮縣志·禮俗》:“《說文》: ‘獸足謂之番。’ 附袁切。古無輕唇音,番讀如班,今音如板, 手掌謂手番, 足掌曰足番,雙聲轉「𢃳」。《說文》: ‘「𢃳」,「𢱧」(批)擊也。’ 今「𢃳」掌、耳「𢃳」,北人强以刮字當之, 非也。”


  • Zdict lists「𢃳」with the third tone, not the first tone (bā). I can't confirm with an external resource about this tone.
  • 北人强以刮字當之 is saying that there are multiple words for「耳巴」, like「耳光」,「耳摑」,「耳刮子」, etc.
  • 1
    I'll double check with my paper copy later but I think you're totally right.
    – Mou某
    Feb 12, 2018 at 12:24

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