Once upon a time there was a logical game Shih Dao - I liked it and got curious: what does the game title mean and what are the signs on tiles? Unfortunately, game help doesn't say a word about it.

Game screen

There are six different signs used, by browsing Chinese signs lists I managed to identify and but failed to find the other four. As I have no idea about Chinese alphabet, I think of them as "house" (several ones in top-right of the screen), "zigzag" (one purple in top-right), "dancer" (several in the center) and "basket" (four in bottom-right), which probably has nothing to do with their actual meanings.


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the link you provided already shown the answer:

shih dao is a clone of ishido: the way of stones

so shih dao is 石 (stone) 道 (way)

the six characters on the tiles are:

大 - big

中 - middle

小 - small

春 - spring

由 -cause

東 - east

have fun :)


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