In Cantonese, often times you hear people say 全靠你 (to mean "thanks to you" or "because of you" (e.g., Because of you, I was able to meet my goal.)

This page suggests 多虧 is the Mandarin equivalent, but someone else said this is not a common phrase.

What's the Mandarin equivalent of 全靠你?

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多虧 means 'largely owe to' ; 全靠 means 'all depend on (thanks to)'

What's the Mandarin equivalent of 全靠你?

Actually, 全靠你 can be used in both Cantonese and Mandarin

Similar to '全靠' are '全仗' and '全賴' . All mean 'all depend on'

'全仗' and '全賴' are more literary; '全靠' is more colloquial

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