A saw a translation of spoken English saying: hashtag fun to something like:

微话题 乐趣

I’m not seeing a lot of results for 微话题 online.

As far as I know hashtag is usually translated as 话题 or 标签 or some combination of both.

Assuming people don’t go around saying things like “hashtag [...]” in Chinese & if someone said “话题...” or “标签...” it probably wouldn’t be readily understood - then perhaps 微话题 is a better option.

微话题 could be considered as overly specific, as a weibo topic.

This is all speculation though.

Any ideas?

  • If the function of hashtag is to highlight related topics the post belong to, then, '话题标签' would be an accurate description
    – Tang Ho
    Mar 10 '18 at 5:22
  • I would suggest use "话题" instead of "微话题". for disambiguate, "微博话题" or "推特话题" may be a better choice.
    – tsh
    Mar 12 '18 at 3:29

「微話題」is literally microblog discussion topic, where「微」comes from「微博」(microblog). Note that Weibo is a proper noun also using these two characters, but before Weibo was invented「微博」was just a generic word meaning microblog.

Netizens put the discussion topic (話題) between two hashtags, much the same way the single twitter hashtag is used (possibly because Chinese doesn't use word spacings). In the sense that it is an announcement of a discussion topic on some board/forum/social media then translating it as hashtag is fine, but this translation may be confusing for people coming from the PRC if one uses it to point to "western" apps/media that are possibly banned or relatively unknown/unpopular in the PRC such as Twitter and Facebook.

See also the Baidu article 微话题.

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