In the following sentence over 知乎:

从我的观察来看,不同企业对于data scientist这个title的定义其实是有分歧的,偏向于data reseacher的有,多见于大型IT企业,百度大脑的data scientist们多属于这一类型,他们搞的是比较前沿的深度学习,平常会读大量paper可能自己也会发;偏向于data creative的有,各种企业都会储备,会ETL,懂模型、懂行业,会展示沟通,比较能够创造直接的价值。偏向于data developer的也有但是很少,他们不懂模型,只要给他们算法公式,他们就能用编程语言帮你实现,实现算法是重要的技能,但是这种不懂模型不懂行业的,现在大多企业都不太会给这样的人data scientist的title了。

The grammar book does not seem to have this usage of 有.

I feel that the meaning is similar to 关于 or 至于 (at least in this context), so the relevant sentence above can be rewritten as follows:

关于偏向于data researcher (or suffix "的话" here?),

关于data developer,虽然他们比减少,

However, grammatically how does 有 work here? I just check out the Chinese grammar wiki but didn't find any relevant pages.

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    偏 inclined 向于 to data researcher/data creative 的 ones 有 there are, thus "there are those inclined to data researcher", " there are those inclined to data creative" 的 may refer to "data scientist这个title的定义"mentioned before – user6065 Mar 22 '18 at 6:57
  • verb 有 would usually precede its objects, data researcher/data creative 的 in the present case, but objects can be fronted – user6065 Mar 22 '18 at 7:07
  • As a standalone phrase, 偏向于data reseacher的有 means exactly the same thing as 有偏向于data reseacher的 or 有的偏向于data reseacher - if the latter two makes more sense to you. As mentioned in the comments above - it means "there are those [businesses] which prefer defining the term data scientist as a data researcher". – droooze Mar 22 '18 at 9:08

I am a native speaker and consider myself a "data" person.

From my perspective, he didn't end the sentence properly and his array of sentences could be changed a bit like below so it's easier to understand.

从我的观察来看,不同企业对于data scientist这个title的定义其实是有分歧的。 偏向于data reseacher,多见于大型IT企业。百度大脑的data scientist们多属于这一类型,他们搞的是比较前沿的深度学习,平常会读大量paper可能自己也会发文章

The purpose of 有...的 is to illustrate his/her point using example(s).


You shouldn't expect a strict grammar on the Internet, especially for social media. His meaning is clear, though his grammar is unpleasant. I feel uncomfortable with his sentences just as you do.

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