My teacher wants me to write about Game of thrones in Chinese. I am facing the problem of accurately translating medieval titles into Chinese. For “squire” I found the translation:

鄉紳: Country gentleman; squire

Since that is a Chinese title, I am unsure, if squire is meant in the sense I intend - that is someone who was a page and is waiting on a Knight.

Analogously, I found

小廝: young male servant, page

書童: page boy

小么兒: page boy

But I am unsure whether any of these can be applied in the context of knighthood, as opposed to hotels.

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For this kind of thing you can check out 91dict.com.

The subtitle group 人人影视字幕组 have complied a dictionary from their subtitle translations.

For instance if you look up squire under 基本释义 we get:

n. 乡绅;侍从;大地主;地方法官

vt. 随侍;护卫

n. (Squire)人名;(英)斯夸尔

and under 场景例句 there are example sentences from Game of Thrones including:

来自《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏 第4季 第3集》

There has never lived a more loyal squire.



He was a squire until a few months ago.

他之前一直是侍从 数月前才受封

Seems like they really like 侍从 for squire.

For page they give:



"鄉紳" are gentlemen in village, no military aspect

if you want some terms that "squire was typically a teenaged boy, training to become a knight", i would suggest:

"義勇", or "鄉勇"




Starting from English and trying to take over the sense:

squire 持盾者

early 13c., "young man who attends a knight," later "member of the landowning class ranking below a knight" (c. 1300), from Old French esquier "squire," literally "shield carrier"

农 场主 Meaning "country gentleman, landed proprietor" is from 1670s; as a general term of address to a gentleman, it is attested from 1828.

page 侍从, 侍从官

"youth, lad, boy of the lower orders," c. 1300, originally also "youth preparing to be a knight," from Old French page "a youth, page, servant" (13c.)

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