As eveyone knows that 直播 is Live. But in this sentence: What are you doing tonight? 看直播.(Watch Live)

I think it's a little strange.

PS:I watch online live, such as douyu.

  • 直播 direct broadcast, 看直播 watch direct (a/the live) broadcast
    – user6065
    Commented Mar 29, 2018 at 6:59

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I believe it is also called live broadcast in English?

So depending on the context you would translate it to live or broadcast, or live broadcast if you don't mind a little bit of redundancy.

And Marko also made a good point about 网络直播, which is often called stream or live streaming in English. Douyu or Twitch would belong to this category.


Most often, we use the term "stream" -- as in "I am going to watch Sccc's stream playing Dota 2 online" -> "我要看Sccc在网上的Dota 2 直播"

Broadcast is a more formal term used when the contents are broadcast onto a television or radio.


直播 is short for 直接轉播 (direct relay / broadcast)

Saying '看直播' (watching live) is perfectly fine. '看直接轉播' is actually too wordy and strange sounding.

If you want to emphasize the 'live' aspect, you can say '看現場直播' (watching live on the scene) or '看即場直播'

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