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There are similar words that express "total" - 全部 and 整个.

My impression and the hint from the linked answer below is that 整个 can be used to express abstract things (e.g. 过程) while 全部 must express any concrete things like 苹果. But is this correct?

One more difference might be that 水 or 空气 might not be used on the 全部, but I'm not sure about it. I feel 全部 should be used on the discrete object, not continuous one.

Is my understanding correct? Or is there any other difference between them?

At least 所有 is different from them, as it is used before the noun and often takes 都 after the noun.

So what is the difference and how can I use them apart?

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  • to test assertions feed 全部,整个 to dictionaries or whole web:bkrs:全部, 事物的全体 whole; complete; total; all 他知道全部真相。 He knows the whole truth.(abstract),全部保险 full insurance,全部付讫 payment in full 用全部精力 devote all one's efforts 全部否认 an utter denial 整:(6) 整个; 完整; 全部在内 [whole; complete; total; entire]小姐越发闷上加闷, 整日眉头不展。 --《儒林外史》 iciba 剧烈的爆炸好像要把整个地面都掀起来(whole ground,concrete!),他们本想在整个房间的木地板上都不铺地毯的(whole house,cc!),渐渐地,我对大学的整个体制感到相当失望(whole setup, abstract!) the whole water in the kettle 水壶里的全部水 for "the whole,all"also try 所有,一切 – user6065 Apr 3 '18 at 13:06
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