Difference between 大兄弟 and 小伙子.

Under which condition should we use one of them?

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    to facilitate writing answer users are requested to include any Chinese text in the question itself (since it cannot be copied from the title),see dictionaries, 小伙子 is widely used for young man young guy lad youngster,coll. lad; young fellow; youngster #3159, bkrs: 小兄弟 1) endearing address to a young male 2) derog. home boys (1) [young]∶对年纪小的男子的亲切称呼 (2) [young man]∶指在一起惹是生非(provoke a dispute; stir up trouble)、 讲究哥们义气的男青年(多含贬义) #30902 – user6065 Apr 13 '18 at 16:43
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    comment #1 (erroneously) was concerned with 小兄弟 since it seems closer to 小伙子, 大兄弟 is a different matter, bkrs: 大兄弟 [elder brother] [方] : 北方妇女用以称年岁小于自己的男子大兄弟,e.g. 这件事就托你了。 And so, brother, I’ll leave the matter in your hands. – user6065 Apr 13 '18 at 18:32

小伙子 is young guy. It's a generic term to address a young man.

大兄弟 is used in north, which sounds pretty folksy. It's used to address a man and is said by some older people. Sometimes, we make a joke to address a guy as 大兄弟.

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  • 小伙子 is also used to refer to (not necessarily address) a young male, see comment #1 – user6065 Apr 14 '18 at 5:51

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