Came across this comment on the douban page for Isle of Dogs:

掉线 看过 2018-04-16


MDBG gives the definitions:

1 to put up

2 to build (scaffolding)

3 to hang (clothes on a pole)

4 to connect

5 to join

6 to arrange in pairs

7 to match

8 to add

9 to throw in (resources)

10 to take (boat, train)

11 variant of dā [褡]

I can't, accurately, figure out what 搭 means here.

Perhaps it's dialect?

Too fitting? Too suitable?

  • I think it means 太搭配了 (so amazingly suitable).
    – dROOOze
    Apr 20, 2018 at 15:52

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A搭B,A配B,I gonna say, “搭”="配",short for “搭配”, means 'match, fitting, suitable'. Of course, it is not a dialect.

“太搭了”,means “perfect matching, amazing suitable”


I don't think it's a dialect. It's pretty common actually. For example, 这件衣服和你的裤子很搭. Some would use 配, 这件衣服和你的裤子很配。but if you say 你和她很配,it connotes romantic relationship. If you tend to avoid the romantic, you should say 你和她很搭. 搭 means one thing/person can work well with another.



It is a name, I do not know whose name but

for sure means to match here.

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