I have a couple of Chinese sentences that I have been struggling with. I know basic grammar order: Subject, Time, Place, Verb, Object but I am unsure how to construct sentences of this nature: ex. I want to have practice outside I want practice to be outside I want to practice outside. In Chinese, would all of these questions be phrased the same?


I want to have practice outside - 我想在外面進行練習

In this sentence, "have" is a verb "practice" is a noun. "have practice" means "to engage in practice" which is "進行練習" in Chinese

I want practice to be outside - 我想練習在外面進行

In this sentence "practice" is a noun object, "to be outside" implies " to be held outside", which is "在外面進行" in Chinese

I want to practice outside - 我想在外面練習

In this sentence "practice" is a verb, and "outside" is a preposition & adverb, which is "在外面" in Chinese

  • Thank you. Just one question- I have always learned location comes before verbs. Why does 想 come before the location words? – Beginner Apr 26 '18 at 14:56
  • @Beginner "我想 (I want)" is the main phrase, "在外面練習(practice outside)" is the relative phrase, As you can see, in "在(外面)(練習)" , it does place the location 外面 before the verb 練習, If the sentence is just "我在外面練習" (without the verb 想), it would be a common sentence, with location come before verb – Tang Ho Apr 26 '18 at 18:52

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