How would you say "难得“ and ”尤为难得“ in English?

For example,


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  • "难“ means hard or difficult
  • "得“ means to obtain

Combining the two, ”难得“ means something that is hard to come by.

  • "尤为" (formal) means especially or particularly

Putting all together, "尤为难得" means especially hard to come by or a rarity.


The phrase here means the people you mentioned before is rare. Becasue the people like that is nearly live in the textbook nowadays. This phrase will have some difference when you use it on other situations. You'd better note the context. Here is some example.


“It's most precious that” it's signed in Chinese in the left hand corner "Qing Maid", which is in line with main content of the maid in Qing Dynasty


Political leaders like former Mexico President Luis Echeverría, who voted affirmatively for restoration of China's lawful seat in the United Nations, were looked upon as close friends “particularly”


The real boost to the economy, however, could come from creating a "feel-good factor" among consumers that “proved elusive” this year with the England team's dismal performance in the soccer World Cup

The original means or usage is someone who is rare in nowadays. Or means someone who has good character which is rare and he also have another one which may be more unusual.


Scarce is probably the best word. It means very hard, (but not impossible) to find

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Scarce may be used in the following contexts:

-Water can scarcely be found in the desert.

-Say, a popular new product is released, but sells out quickly, and the manufacturer cannot keep up with demand. You might say "the product is going to be scarce for a while

-certain personality traits are scarce among people

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难得:Even it is hard for somebody to do something, he do it. You can also consider this word '难得可贵' where '难得=可贵(valued, precious, applaudable)'.


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