In this video 方清平《春节记事》单口相声笑侃春节趣闻轶事 there's a short part of a sentence at around ~4:46 where the speaker says:

往地一摔 bia响了

The subtitles themselves leave out bia and just go for:

往地一摔 响了

I went through 北京话词典 but it just goes from:


In other dialects I've seen bia written: 扁、瘪 and 𢺞.

I've seen 嘌 noted as "pia" it might be an option with the confusion of b/p.

Any ideas?

  • Perhaps there is no such character.
    – fefe
    May 17 '18 at 5:23
  • As native Beijing'er, I believe it's 吧. When we see 吧 as in 吧唧 or 吧的一声 in words, we would naturally read aloud as bia1.
    – NS.X.
    May 17 '18 at 7:27
  • Modern Chinese writing system and Pinyin can only be applied to standard Mandarin. Although you ARE able find corresponding character for most words in any Chinese language because of their origin. But you'll still see lots of words that can't be written down with characters, just like this one. Notice that people can also invent ANOTHER writing system using Chinese characters to write languages other than Mandarin, you can see many such examples in Cantonese speaking area.
    – user19549
    May 18 '18 at 5:37

Here are two characters that have the pronunciation bia:







zdic has a question that reads:


the last comment says:


Number eight reads:


方法是在声母与韵母间插入“i ” 。


and number fourteen says:


《哈尔滨方言词典》p. 110


Simply lists all bia:

but the same words from the zdic thread are written as:




Seemingly making an acceptable candidate.

《北京方言词典》陈刚 商务印书馆 1985 p.17 confirms this assumption:

enter image description here

  • 墙都不扶, 就扶你. bia都能研究这么深.
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    May 18 '18 at 10:38
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It's 象声词, which sounds funny to the most people from the northeast. Refer to this link for pia. Bia is often used to take the same effect I think. Ex. Bia ji, bia ji. == Pia ji pia ji. Those are very interesting 象声词, and never seen them being written out. But gua ji gua ji could be written as 呱唧呱唧 I think, meaning 鼓掌 clapping.


The joke was about throwing firecracker

The term "噼里啪啦" is used to mimic sound of a string of firecrackers explodes




You might had heard "啪" (Pā) there (he was making a sound effect of a single firecracker explodes, Therefore, he didn't say "噼里啪啦" but just "啪")

"往地一摔, '啪' (一声地), 响了"

Another character 嘭 (Pēng) can also be used for mimicking the sound of firecracker.

Or there's no character at all. Anyway, it is just a noise that has no meaning on it's own

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