In the following sentence:


I think the sentence means:

He says: "People go higher, water flows into lower. I don't feel satisfied, have not seen everything yet. I want to see everything, ..."

But I don't understand the last part. Judged by the context, it might be something like the following:

These could be experienced only once in the next life (...?)

Especially I don't understand what 白 means here. It might be "clear" (verb), but then the meaning would be:

These could not be clear once in the next life (...?)

So what does it mean?

  • The last part means not to come to this world in vain. 白 means in vain. – dan Jun 2 '18 at 9:00


I want to experience/try many things, only then will I feel like my life hasn't been wasted.

That is the general meaning. As for the bolded part:

  • 這樣才 - only like/by doing this, referring to 我什麽都想試試
  • 白X - a waste of effort to X
  • 來世上 - be born into the world
  • 一回 - one time

來世上一回 is a figure of speech culturally referring to the possibility of reincarnation (being born multiple times). The idea is that coming into this world is a journey that takes effort, and while being here this person wants to experience as many things as possible.

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不白 not in vain

He said: "People go upwards,
water flows downwards
I don't have enough time.
There are many things I have not experienced.
I want to try everything,
only that way will this life not have been in vain.

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