I came across the phrase "that guy so inch" in this Twitter thread, which starts with:

... slang based on literal translations of words ("that guy so inch") or phrases

I don't get how "that guy so inch" could be related to Putonghua. Is it something to do with 村/英村?

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It is Cantonese

/cyun3 /

[7] [粵] [adj] arrogant; cocky | [Var] 寸

"that guy so inch" is literal translations of "嗰條友咁寸(串)" in Cantonese.

The 'arrogant; cocky' definition of 串 is not used in Mandarin.

"嗰條友咁串" in Mandarin would be "那傢伙太囂張了" meaning "that guy is so arrogant"



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