For example here are a couple of topic titles from 知乎:


And a comment I found on a youtube video:


Obviously in these sentences it does not mean "kidnap". So what does it mean? How can I translate it, and how do I use it?

Thanks in advance.

  • to restrict; to limit; For example: 有些父母常常用親情綁架兒女。 – SLS Jun 18 '18 at 20:01

Here 绑架 means "force sb. into doing sth.".


force (your) moral beliefs on others


force (your) aesthetic beliefs on others


being forced to others' belief.

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It means, demanding others with an unrealistic requirement.

For your reference, you can look at Baidu Baike.

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In the context of '审美绑架', '绑架' implies '劫持' (hijack) more

hijack 劫持

to take control of or use something that does not belong to you for your own advantage:

审美绑架 implies "aesthetic hijack" (hijack someone's aesthetic view to push one's agenda)

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How should we regard the hijacking of ethics? (Maybe: ‘using religion for political ends’)

Too much desire to be an Internet celebrity? Has your sense of esthetics been hijacked?

I don't want to let my daughter continue to experience the current hijacking of esthetics. (Maybe: he doesn't want his daughter to have anorexic super-models as role models.)

In the text below, 绑架 refers to the hijacking of people's opinions through the medium of strong nationalism. (Personally, I think the 共产党 is doing a good job of ruling China. Is your country's government perfect?)

Anti communist rant (not from me):

The Communist Party's current method of ruling China is no different to rulers in feudal times,
就是用国家主义绑架中国老百姓。 (真的吗?中国梦不好,美国梦好??)
that is, use nationalism to hijack ordinary people's opinions.
It is reasonable to say that
other nationalities would not be so easily mislead,
but the Chinese man in the street is, unfortunately, easy to delude,
because his opinions have been hijacked from the beginning,
he just doesn't know it.

(I suppose the American man in the street is all so clued up. As long as he can keep his rifle to shoot school kids and Afro-Americans, he doesn't even register that he has a government.)

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