When researching online, finding an exact definition was hard.

Does it mean to make oneself hard? Or like to harden yourself?

Could you give me a few examples?

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    Train a person in a tough way, I think Google will work for such commonly used words. Maybe you need a Chinese-Chinese dictionary.
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    Jun 28, 2018 at 15:07
  • bkrs to temper oneself to steel oneself self-discipline endurance put oneself through the mill; temper oneself; steel oneself: 经受艰难困苦的磨练 go through trails and tribulations 磨练人才 cultivate talents 在艰苦的斗争中磨练自己 temper (steel) oneself in a hard struggle
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    Jun 28, 2018 at 20:06

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磨练: temper oneself hard


Ben-Hur's years of enduring hardship as a Roman slave strengthened him and increased his endurance.


only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened

Sometimes, you might see 磨炼(smelt) instead of 磨练(exercise/training). There are some disputation on which one is correct. But main idea is that 磨炼 is sort of wrong words, but you may understand it as a synonym.


磨练 / mó liàn /

put oneself through the mill; temper oneself; steel oneself:

go through trails and tribulations;


cultivate talents;


A side note: You should have a Chinese dictionary handy. I've seen some folks in this site use Pleco.



  1. to hone / to temper/ to steel (one's skill set, temperament or condition.)


磨練球技 - to hone one's football skill

磨練刀法 - to hone one's knife skill

磨練身心 - to temper/ steel one's body and mind

  1. endurance (n)


一個磨練 - an endurance

一個艱苦的磨練 - a tough endurance


鍛練(to forge) is a term similar to 磨練(to hone)


鍛練身體 (to temper/forge one's body) ;

鍛練技巧 (to temper/forge one's skill set)

磨練技巧 (to hone one's skill)

一個鍛練 - a workout


Google: hone

CantoDict: grin and bear it; practice hard; self-discipline

Linguee: hone ; temper oneself / endurance (n)


Difficult word to pin down, depends on what you wish to express.

艰苦可磨练个性。 Hard work builds character.

磨练: build

生活的磨练早已使他愤世嫉俗. Experience had embittered his heart against the world.

生活的磨练: experience

可以预料, 那将是非常艰苦的磨练. I expect it to be quite an ordeal.

艰苦的磨练:quite an ordeal

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