I am looking for Chinese quotes or phrases about love, yuanfen, destiny or something along those terms for a tattoo. It’s really hard to find sayings that are really used.


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生死有命,富贵由天。 Beckham has a same tattoo.


情不知所起,一往而深 can be translated to :1.Love once begun, will never end.2. Love, a spark from nowhere to eternity.3. We have no idea where our love come from, but we will be devoted to a lifelong love.

It's from a famous Chinese Opera:Peony Pavilion。 created 作者:奥修特白 链接:https://www.zhihu.com/question/53022004/answer/133091432 来源:知乎 著作权归作者所有。商业转载请联系作者获得授权,非商业转载请注明出处。


人生若只如初见 (If Life Was Still as When We First Met)

平生不会相思,才会相思,便害相思。(One don't know love, would love, then love)

陌上花开 可缓缓归矣




千里姻缘一线牵 It means no matter how far away two people live, they will meet and love each other because of the fate.

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