Particularly, I was wondering how to say "She threw cards at us" (as in playing cards). Is “她掷卡片对我们“ correct?

  • deal cards:发牌, for more card dealing terms see iciba,bkrs: It's your deal, ie your turn to deal the cards. 该你发牌了. 3. I will deal the cards for the next five hands. 我将发下一轮五张牌.玩牌时,将手中的牌分发出去|你得先洗牌,然后再倒牌和发牌。You have to shuffle the cards before the cut for deal.
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Throw something at somebody:把(东西)扔向(某人)。 She threw cards at us: 她把卡片扔向我们/她把卡片扔给我们/她朝我们扔卡片/她向我们扔来卡片

However, If playing cards, We don't say it like above. I think we just say "她向我们打出xx牌". Playing cards: 打牌/打扑克Playing poker

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