In the following picture:

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I understand the meaning of 傻逼 but what is the "j8" before it?

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According to chinaSMACK, j8 is equivalent to 'penis' or any of its vulgar forms:

(rude language hidden behind spoiler, hover over or click to show)

Penis, dick, cock. When used as an adjective, it may mean “cocky”, “arrogant”, or a more generalized “fuck” or “damn”.


J8 == ji 8 == ji ba == 鸡巴(penis).

In this case, the usage of j 8 is like 他妈,but the severity of the rudeness/vulgarity has been largely enhanced. 跟他妈傻逼一样 denotes the same meaning, but less vulgar.

So, never ever say it. It's really bad.


That means "dick asshole". The domestic people are very disgusted with the policy of preferential treatment for international students.

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