I came up with this sentence below.


Is it possible to put 那么 after 得?


  • why not? (besides conj.) 那么 can function as adverb bkrs: I adv. 1) like that; in that way 2) about; or so 3) so; so very much 那么慢,得四个钟头才能到。 (We are) too slow, it will take about four hours to get there. for more examples submit 得那么多 e.g. to iciba: If you eat so much, you will get fat. 你要是吃得那么多, 是会发胖的. 2. Why should you stuff yourself? 你为什么要吃得那么多 呢 ? 3. He had made a thorough investigation. No wonder he knew so much about it. 他对此事做了彻底的调查, 怪不得他了解得那么多. – user6065 Jul 20 '18 at 14:56
  • other possible complements (besides 得伤心,s. answer) of verb 哭: 得厉害、得断肠 (哭得累了)哭太多 exists – user6065 Jul 21 '18 at 5:13


You have misused the complement. We say:



If you want to express she has cried many times, then you should say 她哭过很多次了.

So, your issue is 多了 isn't a correct complement for 哭. When you say 那么多了, you don't need 得. For example, we say 说(了)那么多了,we don't say 说得那么多了. 得 is just redundant here.

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