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My friend gave me this shirt, I've been trying to figure out what it means. Can anyone translate it?


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That shirt might be the souvenir for the movie "花样年华". Its English name is "In the Mood for Love", according to Baidu.


It looks like your friend is telling you to get out there and enjoy the prime of your life! Or they had a T-shirt with some weird symbols that they wanted to get rid of.

The characters are: 花样年华 / 花樣年華

The meaning is The prime of one's life.

In this phrase, I would take 花样 to mean happy and prosperous, and 年华 to mean time or a time period.

Below is the Pleco entry for this phrase:

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I am chinese, i think it means that the best wish your friend giving you. He thinks you are in the best of your time like beautiful flower.

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