I tried to type 什么, but I got 什麽! It was working just a minute ago. What happened?


The Simplified Chinese Microsoft Pinyin IME is capable of both simplified and traditional characters. When you install it, it will be set for simplified characters. It is set up to toggle between simplified and traditional with the keybinding ctrlshiftF. It is easy to do this accidentally if the IME is active and you do a "Find All" in Visual Studio or a similar program with the same keybinding.

You can toggle back by activating the IME (if necessary, using WinSpace) and then toggling back with ctrlshiftF.

You can disable this key or change it to another letter (note, ctrlshift is not optional!) by navigating to the keyboard options:

  • Press WinS and start typing "language" and select:

enter image description here

  • Click on the language and it will expand and offer an "options" button:

enter image description here

  • Now find the keyboards, click on the "Microsoft Pinyin" keyboard (probably the only one):

enter image description here

  • From there you can toggle back to simplified under "General" and modify the toggle binding at the bottom of "Keys"
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Under General Pinyin style, the character set could be been set to Traditional chinese. Switch to Simplified chinese from there. enter image description here

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