What good digital references exist for Tibetan?

There's a list here on lexilogos, but some of the links are dead and the rest are archive.org pages with pdfs.

For instance:

I have this proverb in《中国谚语集成 四川卷》on p. 88:



where the footnote says:

enter image description here


The Tibetan & Himalayan Library doesn't support Chinese and doesn't return anything for an English word search for owl.

(འུག་པ། doesn't seem to fit either).

What choices do I have to look up: 依查拉, owl, 猫头鹰?

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    @busukxuan you're correct. But linguistically they are thought to be of the same language family though. – Vim Aug 20 '18 at 0:45
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    @Vim yeah Sino-Tibetan, but doesn't this make it kinda off-topic here? – busukxuan Aug 20 '18 at 1:16
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You can use PanLex (translate.panlex.org) for languages with little to no resources otherwise widely available.

The standard Tibetan word for owl is འུག་པ ('ug pa)

If we try translating from "鷹", we get closer matches like

  • ཁྲ་གླག (khra glag)
  • གླག (glag)

How about eagle?

  • བྱ་གླག (bya glag)

I think khra glag might be a close match for 查拉, but I don't know anything about Tibetan.

PanLex works through association though, so if a lexical collection doesn't contain a direct translation it will try to match from different languages with a translation available. You will very likely end up getting incorrect translations if the number of node points in series is too high (parallel node points in contrast increase the confidence in a given translation).

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