I am preparing an edition of Sappho in Chinese, and need to mention the various meters she used, because it is according to meter that the fragments are arranged. Do ancient forms of poetry like "Sapphic stanzas", "Alcaic stanzas", "Glyconians", "Asclepiads" and such have established Chinese names?

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Sources: this short article, another blog post, and iChaCha.

  • Sapphic stanza = 萨福诗律 or 莎孚诗选
  • Alcaic = 阿尔凯
  • glyconic = 格莱坎诗体
  • asclepiad = 阿斯克莱皮亚底斯(诗体) [in most online dictionaries it simply gets described] or 阿斯克里皮亚底斯(诗体) [according to Wikipedia's article on the eponymous originator]

The Roman and Greek classics are of course very rarely studied in the Sinosphere (Japan's (Western) Classics probably being the most advanced). But there are some initiatives.

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