It occurs to me that this would be an useful phrase to politely decline someone who is trying to pry. I'm l a beginner, so it's hard for me know how to translate this.


“I am not at liberty to say” or “I am not at liberty to discuss”

(這個/ 這件事) 我不方便說 = (This/ on this topic,) I am not at liberty to talk

(這個/ 這件事) 我不方便討論 = (This/ on this topic,) I am not at liberty to discuss

'不方便' literally means 'not convenient' (as an adverb, it means ‘cannot conveniently) - it implies 'cannot freely'. It is a polite way to refuse to make any comment


Here’s an alternative option, albeit a bit cheeky:


CC-CEDICT does, actually, define it:

I am not at liberty to inform you.


You could also consider:


Which CC-CEDICT defines as:

(idiom) "no comment"

  • saying 天机不可泄露 instead of 這事我不便透露 is like saying 山人自有妙計 instead of 我自有辦法
    – Tang Ho
    Sep 30 '18 at 4:29

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