So there are 3 main translations for 秀气:

  1. Delicate
  2. Elegant
  3. Graceful

Which makes it seem like it could be used to describe really anything-- However I have a friend who is saying that it is normally used only to describe people.

Is it not an adjective I could use to describe non-people-- like an elegant wristwatch?

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  1. 样子清秀 (elegant appearance)

  2. 言谈文雅,举止优美 (elegant demeanor)

  3. (器物)小巧灵便 (elegant, exquisite object)

  4. 灵秀之气 (elegant feel);秀美(elegant)。小巧而清秀 (delicate)

(1) and (2) definition are mostly used to describe people

(3) definition said it can be used to describe 器物 (object)


秀气的刺繡 (delicate embroidery)

秀气的雕塑 (delicate sculpture)

(4) definition said it describes something that emit delicate, elegant or graceful feel


秀氣的山水 = 山明水秀 (exquisite landscape)

秀气的文章 (elegantly written article)

寫得一手秀氣的字 (able to write elegant hand written words)


I also heard that it is usually used to describe people; however, it does seem possible to describe inanimate objects - such as wristwatches - using 秀气(according to Pleco, at least):

pleco definition for 秀气

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